All I want for Christmas is a new MRC
Code Changes You Need to Understand
by Don Pratt and Roger Panineau

[Editor’s note: The authors of this article, Don Pratt and Roger Papineau, are the Home Builder Association of Michigan’s experts on the Single State Construction Code and its requirements. Both have served on the State Construction Code Commission, Don as chair and Roger as the current representative for residential builders. Both have been active in the International Code Council’s (ICC) code promulgation process, attending more ten-to-fifteen-day-long ICC hearings then they care to remember. Both have served on every Michigan Residential Code review committee since the passage of the Single State Construction Code Act in 1999. They alternate as the Chair and Vice-chair of HBAM’s Building Code Committee. Don and Roger are also available to teach classes on the new 2015 MRC.

We asked them to tell us about the most important changes from the 2009 Michigan Residential Code to the 2015 Michigan Residential Code which is scheduled to go into effect on February 8, 2016. The changes are not listed in order of their importance but rather as they would be found in the 2015 MRC.]