We Need to Add to the Chorus

During my tenure as your president, I am traveling the state trying to attend as many local HBA meetings and events as possible. I believe it is critical that each of us remind colleagues in our industry about the vital importance of our association. More so, we need YOU to ask them to join your local association. We’ve forgotten how to ask our colleagues to join. Just ask. It is simple. The benefits of HBA membership center around five key values: networking (whether for business leads or for help finding workers), continuing education, product discounts, legal/regulatory assistance, and legislative representation at the local, state and national government levels.

This issue of Michigan Builder highlights one of the great benefits of our association—how to network and discover resources that will help those in our industry find workers. Association value means different things to different people. BUT, I do know that developing the next generation rings in the hearts of all those who care about the residential building industry. Our state HBA and all of our local associations around our great state are working hard to help spread the word about the great job opportunities that exist in our industry. We need to add to the chorus by encouraging more people in the industry to join an HBA. If you can’t pull at the heart strings when asking them to join, pull at their purse strings. To take advantage of the jobs board highlighted in this issue, they must be members of the association. Plain and simple. To get a 10% discount on all general merchandise at Meijer or to gain rebates on vehicles and a host of other products, they must be a member. To battle unfair local ordinances or gain representation with a regulatory agency (should they ever run into a problem with government that they need help with), they must be a member.

Bottom line: whether you are a member of a local home builder association already and have not taken full advantage of all the benefits membership gives you or whether you are asking someone to considering membership in a local home builder association, the value is there. We just have to look…and ask!


Chuck Thompson l