Looking for Workers?

With new home construction and remodeling activity increasing steadily across the state, have you found yourself struggling to keep up? Have you tried to find more help that would allow you to expand your business? Whether its finding a 10-year experienced industry veteran or simply hiring an entry-level apprentice and training them, you’ve got job openings but “getting the word” out is a time-consuming challenge. Thanks to some significant investment and development work that has been done by the HBA of Southeastern Michigan, and with the collaboration of local HBA’s across the state, a leading edge, proven provider has developed a new residential building industry-only online job board for our HBA members to utilize. It’s called HBA ConstructionCAREERS (https://careers. builders.org).

Do you currently use want ads and other non-industry-specific jobs boards to search for workers? You may still need to use some of these tools, but getting industry-specific Google or other search engine “attention” is a difficult task in today’s cluttered online job search environment. Scale of opportunities is what will drive job seeker traffic. By aggregating all the building industry job openings that exist around the state under the HBA ConstructionCAREERS banner, we will be able to more effectively highlight our industry’s job opportunities and increase views of your postings.

This fully responsive site –meaning it functions the same on a desktop, tablet or mobile device –not only looks cool, it has the necessary features to help YOUR COMPANY GET NOTICED by interested job seekers! The site has been designed to have statewide and national exposure, with the broader focus ensuring that search engine sites like Google and job board aggregators like Indeed.commake HBA members’ openings appear high in any job seeker’s search results ... getting our members’ job openings filled sooner!

As you explore the site, you should also take note of the clear, compelling message that employers interested in posting a job at HBA ConstructionCAREERS must be members of their local HBA!

Our Skilled-to-Build Michigan Foundation has provided the financial resources necessary for the HBA of Southeastern Michigan to expand this service to the entire HBA network in our state...to all of you...right away. The Foundation would not have taken this step if it didn’t believe this new online tool has tremendous potential to help members find workers!

Among a host of marketing strategies to drive traffic to this new job site, we will be reaching out to high school construction trade programs, veterans’ organizations, as well as community colleges and 4-year schools with construction-related programs to ensure that they are aware of this valuable resource for getting job seekers placed in the residential construction industry! l