Northwest Stressing Community Involvement
Barb Seabolt and Mike Niebauer. Instructors Brad VanBuren of Cadillac CTC and Chris Battle of Big Rapids work with their students. Local President Richard Clous and HBA of Michigan CEO Bob Filka speak at Career Tech Center Event.
Northwest HBA will be offering each institution the Stuart Hamel Scholarship at their up coming award ceremonies!

The HBA of Northwest Michigan has been reorganized into 5-counties, consisting of Mecosta, Newaygo, Osceola, Missaukee and Wexford. The local’s members have placed a priority on reaching out and working with their communities, whether working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity or strengthening relationships with local educational organizations.

HBA of Northwest Michigan Supports Habitat for Humanity: At a recent meeting held at the Mecosta-Osceola Career Tech Center, Director Mike Niebauer of Wexford County and Barb Seabolt, Director of Mecosta County met with HBA members to share their vision for this summer’s Builders Blitz projects. HBA of Northwest Michigan members have rallied behind this effort and great cause demonstrating that together they can enrich and make communities better!

Career and Technical Center Kids Get Things Done! With the help of the HBA, the Wexford-Missaukee (WMISD) and Mecosta-Osceola (MOISD) Career and Technical Centers for forming National Student Chapters with the National Home Builders Association. The students at the WMISD are currently constructing a house from start to finish on Crosby Road in Cadillac, while their counterparts at the MOISD built a handicap ramp for a disabled person as well as other similar projects to assist their communities. Youth are a fundamental part of the industry’s future and with a shortage in skilled labor our career and technical centers are demonstrating their importance. l