Great Lakes Builders Show 2017 Focuses On BUILDING MOMENTUM!

For those companies and attendees who were part of GLBS 2016, THANK YOU for making the second year of our show a huge success. Our February 2016 attendance was up over 23 percent. Everyone who came enjoyed not only the trade show and program content but also the convenience and layout of the new venue.

To put it simply, we are excited about the possibilities that GLBS 2017 will bring for our sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. Our theme for 2017 is “Building Momentum” … are you ready?

What GLBS 2017 Is All About –Building Momentum

Overall, Michigan’s economy is picking up steam. The number one industry in the state, vehicle manufacturing, is at its highest point in its

history –ever. This was evidenced in August and September 2016 when the trailing 12-month total for North American Vehicle Production exceeded 18.2 million units for the first time since records began. Before that, the highest total for that metric occurred in June 2000 (18.103

million). This vital industry is building momentum.

Second, across the state, the number of people employed in all industries is also improving. While not yet fully recovered to the levels reached in the early-2000s, the employment picture is definitely improving. In southeastern Michigan, employment in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne counties –home to over 40 percent of the state’s population –over 1.84 million people were employed as of September 2016. This is the highest employment level in the region since December 2007 (1.85 million). People can’t buy homes, new or used, if they don’t have jobs. Clearly, this vital metric for our industry is building momentum.

Sticking with this theme of “building momentum” in planning for GLBS 2017, we decided to take the “best of the best” from GLBS 2016 and then figure out ways to simplify and improve on the experience for 2017. We believe that the central element to building momentum in Michigan’s residential construction and remodeling industry is Education, Economics, and Employment.


The professionalism and capabilities of our industry are directly tied to the education of those who work in residential construction and remodeling –builders, remodelers, subcontractors, and suppliers alike. In 2017, many of you in this industry will be renewing your licenses with the state. Part of that renewal process is indicating that you have completed continuing competency education. For this reason, GLBS 2017 will be offering three continuing competency sessions (Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, and Thursday AM) that will allow you to complete your 3-hour requirement. The price to attend one of these sessions is $40 per person.

At 2017’s show, we are also pleased to offer NAHB’s Certified Sales Professional (CSP) certification course. We believe this is the first time since at least 2006 that this 3-day course is being offered anywhere in the state of Michigan. NAHB CSP provides a broad understanding of the home building industry, helps you to better understand today's consumers and highlights tried-and-true techniques used by real estate veterans for greeting prospects, overcoming objections and closing the sale.

The 3-day CSP course will be held during the 2-day GLBS event (Wednesday, February 15th and Thursday, February 16th) and then the final day will be on Friday, February 17th. The total price to attend the 3-day course is $350 and includes breakfast and lunch each day.

The course topics each day are:

• CSP I: The Art and Science of Selling –Tap in to the psychology of the customer, learning their decision-making processes, personality types and communication styles. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the skill sets a new-home sales professional must possess;

• CSP II: Understanding New Home Construction –Gain a comprehensive understanding of new home construction and learn how to use this knowledge as a sales tool. This module covers basic construction terms, construction features that benefit the home buyer, steps of the builder’s process, etc.

• CSP III: Selling Skills for New Home Sales Professionals Learn the advanced techniques used by real estate veterans for greeting, closing and overcoming objections. This module covers the phases of the sales process, ways to successfully demonstrate features, etc.

Finally, the CSP designation is also your introduction to the Institute of Residential Marketing, which awards a series of four sales and marketing designations for professionals at all stages of their careers.