The Hardest Working Legal, Legislative & Regulatory Staff
by Jeff Grantham, Chair, HBA Michigan Remodelers


The Remodelers Council leadership and national staff have been hard at work leveraging earned trust and professional respect with regulators and federal agencies. Such relationships have allowed NAHB-proposed regulation language inserted or, in many cases, complete withdrawal of expansion of current regulation. I’m not the first to tell you that we have the hardest working legal, legislative and regulatory staff in the industry hard at work for the members and the industry, but it’s worth repeating.

With this type of behind-the-scenes advocacy, the value of membership is not so obvious, but it can easily be estimated in the thousands of dollars per year in additional regulation compliance. I hope I’m not alone in thinking “if we have this much success on meager budgets and lean workforce at the national level, imagine how we can re-write the book in our favor if we had deeper pockets from a growing and supportive membership.”

I’ve heard of some terrible stories of the abuse of the public trust with respect to the RRP Rule and non-compliance. Enforcement actions are increasing as are the publicity of them. Some include fines from the EPA over $100,000 and civil judgments around $500,000. This is serious stuff and if you’re not certified, I have some advice: “Get out of the business of remodeling of pre-1978 homes and leave it to the pros.” A second option is to get educated, get trained, get certified and follow the rule or we’ll be reading about you, too. Don’t be a statistic—get certified and work safe. Check your local and state association education calendars for training sessions. For more information,>search> lead paint.

Mark your calendars for the spring Remodelers Workshop in Mount Pleasant, May 5. Conveniently located in the middle of the state, the professional development sessions and networking

opportunities are geared primarily to remodeling contractors and their labor force, but builders and trade contractors would stand to benefit as well. Our mission at HBA Michigan Remodelers is to promote the image of and support the professional development of the remodeling member. This event is a destination and worth investing time in and attention to the best practices for profitability, productivity and staying reputable in customer service.

In so many ways, a Remodelers Council membership, in addition to your HBA membership, is an investment in your business with a sure payback. Like an Amway representative once told me, “Ask me how you can actually make money on things you use every day,” a Council membership also has multiple levels of support to help you achieve success.

This special interest council membership will set you apart in your market and offer your business new tools to grow and succeed. Contact me or your local EO for information on Remodelers Council membership, open to associates as well as builder members. “Professionalism Pays!” l