Spread the Word — JOBS NEED HOUSING

Hopefully by the time you are reading this, spring is firmly here with new construction, increased sales, and full employment underway in all of your companies across our state. Each year and each day the members of our great profession set out with renewed energy, optimism, and the drive we are well known for. As the American construction industry, we know how to get things done, and given half a chance we make it happen in our daily lives. Often in spite of great adversity, from the many economic, governmental, and market challenges facing us, we manage to get our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods built, while pursuing new opportunities. By doing so, we are gainfully employing many thousands of Michigan workers, and consistently contribute very significant economic impact into our communities. It’s amazing to reflect on the positive impact we all are having from the essence of simply providing shelter to our people.

Your Home Builders Association has been working hard across the state these last few months, striving to make a difference at so many levels. The Great Lakes Builders Show in Novi, HBAM Remodelers Council Workshop in Mt. Pleasant were both great successes and many thanks go out to all the state and local leaders, sponsors and attendees that made this happen. All of our 24 Local Associations are filling up their calendars with educational opportunities, home shows, parade-of-homes, many recruiting and networking events. Please reach out, invite, and bring a prospective member to one of these, because we all know someone who can benefit from joining the HBA. There is no better way to recruit than one on one and we all have this responsibility. Sometimes they just need to hear your personal story on what our Federation has done for you!

This winter we held eight Regional Housing Summits across the State that were widely attended by our members and many Legislators. We learned a lot about what is not working and what is working in the housing industry. There were many good suggestions. The legislators listened and engaged sincerely. This process reaffirmed to us all that many challenges face us and there is much that needs and should be done to ensure our ability to maintain and grow housing’s role in our state’s growth and prosperity. As we have been saying, the affordability of the middle classes right to a new home, the American dream, is essentially at stake in the long run. Your HBAM leadership and staff has compiled our findings into a report that identifies the local policies and processes that are restricting positive housing investment, the State’s clear role in enforcing code and land development laws, and the efforts needed to train and attract Skilled Trades over the long term. You will find the executive summary of this report, along with more than a dozen recommendations, in this issue of Michigan Builder. Our release of this report began on June 6th in Lansing, but our intent is to take it out on the road to highlight our report and recommendations and begin much needed dialogue with the state government, legislators, local communities and many other stakeholders. We need your help in not only getting the word out, but keeping momentum for this movement going. Talk to your local leaders about this report. Together, I am confident we will make a difference and change the discussion dynamic of the challenges impacting our industry!

LR Swadley

2017 HBA Michigan President l