Jason Orvosh
Orvosh Builders

AGE: 33

TRAINING/EDUCATION: Ferris State University, Bachelors of Science (with Honors) in Construction Management.

SIZE OF COMPANY: 1-3 homes per year and a large variety of remodeling projects; 2 part-time employees in the office, 3 full-time

employees in the field. In the process of hiring 2+ future positions.

MARKETS: Primarily Midland with occasional work in Saginaw and Bay City region.

HBA MEMBERSHIP: Joined in 2006 (served on local board and is current HBA Midland President). Note: Jason was elected to the leadership ladder for the state association and will serve as HBA Michigan Secretary in 2018 and President in 2021.

BIGGEST HBA VALUE: I value many areas about our membership. Most importantly, as a small builder, we need to band with others to make our voices heard and that is what the HBA does. I also enjoy the benefits of the 2% Lowes discount (and others), networking with other builders and professionals in our industry and being a part of committees that strive to make our community a better place through events and public awareness.

WORDS OF WISDOM OR A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ANYONE LOOKING AT A CAREER AS A BUILDER: I have always looked at people who are successful, in any field of work, and tried to see what helped get them to where they are today and incorporate that into my life. Typically what I’ve noticed is that people who are well-rounded tend to be more successful. By that, I mean you need to face the areas where you are least comfortable/capable and attack them head-on and improve yourself.