Jack Lansing II
Capital Construction Group

AGE: 37

TRAINING/EDUCATION: Undergrad in Construction Management from CMU, Masters in Administration-CMU

SIZE OF COMPANY: Jack’s company builds 40 to 50 homes a year and has a staff of 25, including a full development company to acquire and develop sites for home construction.

MARKETS: Three communities in Livingston County, catering to first time buyers, empty nesters, and 1st and 2nd move ups.

HBA MEMBERSHIP: Started as a student chapter member while in school at CMU. An instructor at CMU (longtime HBA member Bruce Frost) was a big believer in the association and really helped students learn the value of being a member. Jack became a member of the Livingston HBA in 2010.

BIGGEST HBA VALUE: The key value of the association is all the information that is available to members and the network of people who are experts in the industry. Jack has had some great mentors in the association. He has also been able to leverage state association benefits both in terms of advocacy (model home tax credit) and things like the member rebate program that help his bottom line each and every year.

ºWORDS OF WISDOM OR A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ANYONE LOOKING AT A CAREER AS A BUILDER: Stay focused on your long term goal. This is a marathon, not a sprint. With the lost generation of tradesman and builders, we are going to have our work cut out for us to balance growth with cost and profitability. It is important that we continue to grow and support smaller builders to ensure a healthy marketplace with choices. Without the next generation of builders, we will end up with the national builders controlling most of the markets and that will not be good for the industry as a whole.