Derrick Pass
North Pass Builders

AGE: 26

TRAINING/EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree/ Construction Management, Northern Michigan University. Licensed Michigan Residential Builder/ 30 hour OSHA Safety Training/ Lead Renovators Training.

SIZE OF COMPANY: 3 employees, typically build one home per year along with other projects.

MARKETS: Marquette County.

HBA MEMBERSHIP: Member since 2015.

BIGGEST HBA VALUE: I value the access to professional advice, knowledge and education through members and others providing training at HBA sessions.

WORDS OF WISDOM OR A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ANYONE LOOKING AT A CAREER AS A BUILDER: get out there and start doing it. There is no replacement for experiences, good or bad. The most impactful lessons I have learned have come from being in the field and making mistakes. Even the most entry level positions can expose you to a multitude of valuable information and lessons, keep your eyes open and observe.