Josh Berghuis
Berghuis Construction LLC

AGE: 35

TRAINING/EDUCATION: Graduate from Calvin College -Business major with emphasis on small business mangagment and accounting.

SIZE OF COMPANY: 8 employees, established 2007, we do both renovations and new homes and will have over 5m in sales this year.

MARKETS: Grand Rapids and Lakeshore.

HBA MEMBER: I think since 2012.

BIGGEST HBA VALUE: Served on HBA board of directions, held positions of Vice-president and President during this time. Been involved on the next generation committee and now have an employee that has taken over this position. I love seeing other builders caring and thinking about our youth and the future of our industry.

WORDS OF WISDOM OR A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ANYONE LOOKING AT A CAREER AS A BUILDER: I love building and it has opened many different doors in

how we expand and grow our company. My biggest suggestions for anyone looking into a career as a builder is to know and understand your skill set and what you are best at. Focus on what you enjoy and what you excel at. Compliment your weakness by surrounding your self with others that can help you in these areas and always look for ways to improve.