Who Says the Next Generation isn’t Stepping Up?

We enjoy many blessings living here in Michigan. As builders, contractors, and other associate business owners and managers we work hard supporting our families, employees, and communities here in our beautiful state, surrounded by the unique Great Lakes. These tireless efforts reward us with a way of life that we are most thankful for. Our building profession is an honorable one providing shelter and jobs for our people. We have a responsibility and duty to protect our way of life and here at the HBA of Michigan we work to protect our industry as well.

As you read this we will have completed our association’s annual fall board meeting which was held on Mackinac Island for the 25th year at that great location. We are also very happy to report on the progress and impact that the release of our call-to-action housing report, “Where Will Ten Million Michiganders Live,” is having around the state. The momentum of the dialogue we started with this wake up call is growing as many around the state are acknowledging and realizing the impact that housing has as an economic development issue. There are legislators that are drafting bills in response to the needs and suggestions we have made with this report. We expect that this is just the beginning of a long process to return housing in Michigan as one of the priorities in our communities.

Also, it wasn’t that long ago that many of us grey-haired builders in the HBA were asking “where is the next generation?” In this issue you will find we have dedicated our cover story to many of these outstanding up and coming builders. One in particular, Jason Orvosh a builder from Midland, has been elected as our new Secretary of HBAM. Jason is a fine example of the next generation of builder that understands what’s at stake in our industry and has taken up that challenge to help as one of our leaders. I can’t tell you how encouraging and hopeful I am about these folks and the good hands our future will be in.

It’s hard to believe that my term as your President is almost over. I have really enjoyed traveling around the state meeting and working with many of you. I will always be very honored by the opportunity you gave me to serve our profession in these challenging days. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. You have a great team coming up behind me and an outstanding staff, and these folks are making a difference!


LR Swadley

2017 HBA Michigan President l