Housing Challenges Threaten Our Economic Growth— Where Will Ten Million Michiganders Live?

UPDATE—earlier this summer your state association released a report that continues to draw attention to Michigan’s emerging housing crisis. It tells the story of how our industry has changed after the great housing recession and lays out a set of recommendations that need to be acted upon in order to ensure that housing remains available and affordable to our citizens. From the Governor to local economic development leaders, the report is being noticed and acted upon. A statewide housing assessment and local land development and regulatory best practice study is being commissioned by our Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and several bills have been introduced in the legislature based on our recommendations. You can download a copy of our report at www.HBAofMichigan.com.Share it with economic development leaders and government officials in your region and tell them that forming partnerships and changing the dialogue about housing investment is critical to their community’s future. l