The Builder/Banker Relationship Matters

but also maintaining a good product,” said Dan. He noted that over the years their sales tactics have changed, because you can’t show the final product with a physical sales piece like a brochure or flyer. Now, they like to bring potential clients to see the final product and do a walk through tour; it shows their craftsmanship and style, along with the great quality of the finished product.

“It’s about setting expectations and being clear with the customer. Not that we didn’t do that before, but it’s more important to us now to show our value to customer through custom craftsmanship and a beautiful finished product,” said Brent. “Because we’re so hands on with the building process, we know what goes into a great home and we like to relay that information to the customer and let them know everything that is going into their new home.”

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

While their quality homes are a great selling point, the Boverhofs know that they need more than just a good product to survive. They’ve done a great deal of work in creating multi-generation contracting relationships, but also do a lot to maintain outside partners as well, including the Home Builders Association and Chemical Bank.

“The HBA has been beneficial in meeting new people for outside services like insurance and lawyers. We also enjoy participating in their parade of homes. In the early days, we used to get three to five thousand people through our finished products, which was an incredible touch point for us. We’ve expanded that to do a virtual tour now and that is also very valuable,” noted Brent.

In addition, the HBA is a great resource for new customer education. It’s a place where new and potential customers can find trusted partners as they look to build their new home. They’ve also helped with navigating industry standards, like increasing complexity in contracts.

“Another great partner has been Chemical Bank,” said Dan. “As I mentioned earlier, they were willing to take a bit of a risk with us during the last real estate downturn. They’ve been with us through our ups and downs and we’ve come to rely on them as a loyal financial partner.”

When asked about the relationship with Boverhof Builders, Curtis Van Solkema, a residential mortgage lender for Chemical Bank, looks back on their relationship fondly. “I can see the connections and loyalty play out throughout the years,” remarked Van Solkema. “Throughout our relationship, we’ve come to know each other’s working styles, and have enjoyed watching the company grow.”

The Boverhofs remarked that they know they’ll receive a consistent service from Chemical Bankers and can rely on the speed of service and referrals both ways. “Clients want to trust their builders, but they also want to trust their Bankers,” said Dan. “We know that when we hand a client the information for our contacts at Chemical Bank, they’ll receive the same level of service they have come to expect from us.”

These consistent relationship qualities from both sides have created a loyal relationship where referrals aren’t just an email or a phone call,