Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan (HBA) Leading the Way for 90 Years

Covering Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne counties since 1928, the HBA of Southeastern Michigan is fortunate to have weathered the Great Recession and its after effects to now take advantage of opportunities to grow and thrive. Serving nearly 1,100 builder, associate and affiliate members, HBA has finally achieved a growth trajectory and level not seen in more than a decade.

According to HBA’s 2017 President Bill Phillips of Windham Development, “The Association is a positive advocate for our industry,” he says, “and increased membership means increased political clout. More members can only help us achieve a legislative climate that supports a strong building industry.”

HBA’s significant growth over the past 18 months can be directly attributed to the implementation of a “good-better-best” membership dues pricing model made possible, in part, by HBA of Michigan’s adoption of the Affiliation Fee model in 2015. The leadership shown by HBA of Michigan’s Board of Directors to implement this unique financial model with its local HBAs –combined with the success of a more diverse set of economical membership joining options in southeastern Michigan –is the major reason why the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is now considering a new affiliation fee-based model as a pilot program, likely beginning in 2018.

Since its incorporation as a trade association in early-1928, HBA of Southeastern Michigan –the latest of several names –has helped to significantly influence and promote the proliferation of local HBAs decades ago, to the formation of state HBAs and ultimately the establishment of the NAHB.

As mentioned earlier, the strength of our Federation comes from the strength of our membership. The effectiveness to influence the affordability of new home construction and the value creation inherent in every residential remodeling project is only achieved when we can bring our industry members together to ensure codes and regulations bring safety and value to home owners.

The HBA of Southeastern Michigan looks forward to continuing its effort to promote the home building industry, not only in its region but across the state and the nation.

We are proud to be the local HBA for 2018 President Lynne Pratt.