Housing Report Implementation Update:
Governor Snyder Signs Legislation to Provide Students with Stronger Career Guidance on Skilled Trades

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation (HB 4181) that will better ensure that every student in Michigan is connected with counselors who can provide guidance on career opportunities in the skilled trades.

Passage of HB 4181 was one of 13 recommendations called for in a comprehensive report released this summer by the Home Builders Association of Michigan (HBAM). The HBAM action plan focuses on three main areas that were identified at a series of regional summits as major factors in hampering the housing industry in Michigan; attracting

housing investment, reducing regulatory delays and attracting people to fill a severe shortage of skilled workers.

“HB 4181 is a big step towards helping all students identify which career pathway is best suited for them, whether it is a two-year or four-year college degree or a skilled training program that leads to any number of high paying career jobs that are in great demand in Michigan,” said Dawn Crandall, HBA staff member and Executive Director of the Skilled to Build Foundation of Michigan. “Building a stronger connection between the homebuilders and education will better allow us to spotlight and strengthen career pathways for individuals who want to enter the industry.” l