Our Industry’s Superheroes

Dear Readers

Our association was formed nearly 70 years ago with the express purpose of improving conditions in the homebuilding industry. I’d bet we can all support the idea that advocacy (at local, state and national levels) remains the primary purpose and premiere member benefit provided to members.

Every member of our HBAM team works daily toward fulfilling our mission and I am truly proud to say I believe we have some real superheroes on staff. In this issue, however, our government relations team should rightly take center stage. Lee Schwartz and Dawn Crandall most

often work on separate and distinct areas or issues and each is aware that on any day their many and varied “causes” might morph, change direction or even get temporarily set aside depending on current conditions in the building industry.

Often they can each be found working quietly behind the scenes. Sometimes they work slowly ---meticulously building relationships and fostering ideas that will ultimately influence and positively serve our industry. Other times they are out in front, without benefit of any mask, cape or other standard hero or heroine type accouterments, actively promoting, preserving or defending our interests. They recognize that we depend on them and, in the event of any showdown, our members expect that good must and will eventually win.

Fortunately for us, their wins are extensive and we have all seen the product of their work. We and our customers too, have all been the beneficiary of many of their greatest feats. While they have yet (to my knowledge) leaped Lansing’s capital building in a single bound, or bent a steel I-beam in their bare hands, there are countless examples of their might to be found on our build sites and elsewhere.

This magazine highlights just some of the advocacy wins we as an association have supported and moved forward as an organization. Which of those wins has most impacted you, your business or your customers? Where my mind goes first to stair geometry, perhaps for you it was arc fault interrupters, the flex code or something not mentioned in this issue. What most affected your business or bottom line in a positive way? Take a look inside at the highlighted wins outlined and remember to vote for your favorite.

Then, take yet another moment to marvel at the overall impact of this entire HBAM team of real-life superheroes and their work to secure, defend and preserve our ideals. Together they serve us as protectors of our industry and I believe their dedication to getting the job done is their real superpower.


Lynne Pratt, 2018 HBA Michigan President

P. S. It’s also now clear to me that the influence of superheroes on our culture is undeniable! l