Top Advocacy Initiatives Continued

• Improving the model code development process by conducting an ongoing statewide outreach program to forge partnerships with local building officials and inspectors and getting them registered to vote by computer on the proposed changes to the 2018 International Codes including residential and energy.

• Amending the Condominium Act to revise provisions under which a developer may withdraw undeveloped portions from a project without the prior consent of co-owners, mortgagees or other interested parties.

• Protect Log Home Construction by changing the law to allow for traditional log homes to be built in Michigan and still comply with energy code requirements.

“But,” as Ron Popeil used to say, “wait there’s more.” While you may know about HBAM’s ongoing permit fee overcharge

lawsuit to prevent the use of building department fees to run other departments of local governments, you should also be aware the association’s Legal Action Fund played a major role in:

• Protecting the builder exemption from the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

• Preventing disgruntled customers from turning workmanship and contract disputes into “unfair and deceptive practice “lawsuits under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.