Collaboration—among other things, Lakeshore HBA and the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids (HBAGGR) have an agreement that allows builders to participate in the others Parade without joining the other association. Advertisers are considered members if they belong to either association.

Promotion—Bentley the Builder Bear is posed in each home. Parade-goers take selfies with Bentley to post on social Media, tagging Lakeshore’s Facebook page, and using their hashtag on Instagram. Each selfie enters visitors to win a donated Sonos Speaker.

Promotion—Lakeshore produces sneak-peek videos leading up to the Parade. A one-minute video shows something about the home. Builders sign up for slots on a first-come first-served basis.

Landscape Only Entry—an idea borrowed from the Kalamazoo HBA, Lakeshore allows landscape entries where the Parade goers tour the landscape only. This allows more entries and more excitement and gives the landscapers a chance to shine, since often the landscape around Parade homes are not fully filled in by Parade time.