Choose to Innovate Your Code Compliance
—changes that can be implemented NOW if you find them better, more efficient or cost-effective

Even though there will be no changes to Michigan’s Uniform Residential Code for another three years, state law allows for the use of new products and technologies provided for in any interim edition of International Residential Code (IRC). Such an interim edition was published by the International Code Council (ICC) earlier this year. Without any further need for testing or state approval, building officials and inspectors are required by law to allow their use. However, the use of these items must comply with all applicable requirements set forth in the interim edition of the code. And, normally, to do that you would be required to purchase a complete copy of that code book. Instead of having to buy the 2018 International Residential Code, which sells for $140.00 at the International Code Council’s online store, we’ve partnered with the ICC to develop “The Builder’s Guide to Significant Changes to the 2018 IRC.” At a fraction of the cost (electronic copies are available to our members for $21), this book identifies those changes we believe builders might be most interested in utilizing. You can order your copy today by going to HBAofMichigan.Com

“The Builder’s Guide to Significant Changes to the 2018 IRC provides Michigan home builders access to the latest advances in building safety, affordability and innovation. The International Code Council welcomes the opportunity to team up with the Home Builders Association of Michigan (HBAM) to make this timely resource available to the building community. HBAM has been a long-time participant in ICC’s code development process, so it is only natural for us to work together to develop tools to assist home builders in transitioning to the most up-to-date codes,” said International Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO.

The twenty-eight significant changes found in this book were selected by HBAM’s Building Code Committee as offering the most flexibility and utility for builders, electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors.