HBA Membership Helps Us Make Better Business Decisions

Dear Readers

Have you ever wondered how many decisions you make in a single day? Sometimes we struggle with decisions or choices that seem so obvious to others. Sometimes they have a negative impact, while others we’ll remember as being the best choices of our lives. As businessmen and women, we often have the additional pressure of making choices that affect the lives and livelihoods of many others.

The benefits of belonging to an association like ours is in its characteristic ability to help us make good, reasoned and sound business decisions. That’s a member benefit I’ve never heard described, yet it seems pretty apparent when I think about it.

For example, networking brings more business contacts into our lives, many of whom have specialized insight, talents and offerings that can bring improved options and benefits.

Turn the pages of this edition and you’ll find a prime example of how our state association is helping builder members make the most cost-effective decisions through a unique opportunity to use ---by choice at present, some of changes coming in the 2018 IRC. (The fact that we have that choice is, in large part, the result of our HBAM staff efforts, but that’s old news!)

People address decision-making in different ways and for sure, all decisions are not created equal. Many are inconsequential or can be delegated, but for major decision-making in areas that support your personal or business goals, you may want to seek credible counsel. Even some of the affinity programs we offer our members specifically support making the best choices. Take for instance a new pilot program being tested through Small Business Growth Partners, Inc. It’s designed to help members improve their businesses through coaching, mentoring and other services. Learning to use highly effective decision-making strategies is just one area of business support our members may find financially rewarding.

Membership in our association gives you access to a wealth of resources. One example of a hundred or so I can think of, would be from the NAHB Remodeler’s Council, chaired by our own Joanne Theunissen, and where tons of free resources such as fact sheets, and consumer materials are made available to members.

What you use and how you benefit from your HBA membership is your choice. It’s been said that in business, you’re only as good as your last decision, so as you ponder the countless decisions, options or choices you’ll make in the near future, I’ll simply ask that you remember the resources and insight that comes to you from the HBA. Choose and use as you wish!

Ultimately, just remember we are so very fortunate that we have both the God given ability and the freedom to make our own choices.


Lynne Pratt

2018 HBA Michigan President l