Member-Only Benefit Spotlight

Since 2009, SBGP has partnered with State Home Building Associations, to offer their private business planning services to builders, remodelers and HBA Associate members of select states throughout the country. We are pleased to announce that since May, HBAM members now have access to their nationally recognized BPA and BPA Process.

Through their years of working heavily in this industry, they have built a team of builder, remodeler, and HBA Associate member specialist coaches to help members create a plan around their most challenging issues:

• Identifying Your Vision
• Creating a Marketing Plan
• Creating a Sales Plan and Process
• Recruiting & Maximizing Team Engagement
• Understanding and creating KPls (Key Performance Indicators) and a Company Dashboard
• Creating and Documenting Overall Company Systems & Processes

Through their six step Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions (BPA), the SBGP Team identifies what is working, notes what is not, asks you a litany of questions, disseminate and fully documents everything that is discovered. Finally, they conduct DISC Profile and Motivational Assessments with you and up to 10 members of your management team (including a team "scatter chart") and blend the results into your BPA. These assessments are also compliments of the Home Builders Association of Michigan, to truly personalize your plan.