Are You Building an Ambassador Program?

Michigan Builder Magazine has been spotlighting local HBA best practices it sees happening around the state. The goal is to inspire and encourage the adoption of new ideas that strengthen and grow our diverse set of 24 local HBAs. This issue we’re spotlighting a local best effort we see focused on membership retention. While each local has a unique twist on retention efforts, the underlying theme we see is those with the best retention rates have empowered ambassadors to reach out either throughout the year or in the months leading up to someone’s renewal date.

The HBA of Saginaw has developed an Ambassador Team that is responsible for attracting, engaging, and retaining new and renewing members to deliver value and consistent high-quality membership experience. The Ambassador strives to strengthen the connection with new members and first-year members to create welcoming environments and orient this membership segment. The Ambassador feels it is important to recruit new members for future growth and leadership roles within the association. The Ambassador strives to retain members at a 90% retention rate and engage and educate members on the importance of belonging to the association.

A Membership Ambassador is someone who strives to help others feel comfortable, enjoys sharing and gaining knowledge, and understands and embraces the value of belonging.