(established in 2009)

Instructor: John Jessen, p. 906-485-1023 email jessenj@nice. k12.mi. us Number of Students: 13

Home Building/Renovation Project(s)

• Currently building a home

• Same home has been under construction for two years

Program Challenges, Rewards & Needed Assistance
What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I face as a CTE Building trades instructor is allotted class time. I currently have only one block of building trades and this does not leave me with much time to work on the house project per day. (about 1.5 hours per day) I also teach two other block classes in Automotive Repair and CTE Welding so my day is filled.

What is your biggest reward?

The biggest reward of having a Building Trades Program is looking back at past projects that have been done in the community.