What can HBAs and HBA members do to help?

We have a great relationship with our local Lansing chapter. A continued relationship that help education and industry become more involved with each other.

Anything that helps foster relationships towards awareness of program, involvement in school activities, in industrial activities. The more we are a part of each other worlds, the better we help serve each other.

We are not a program that builds a home, and this is not because we are unable. We have built a couple of homes in the past, so I am aware of what that entails. Each, and every, of our students get hand on experience on a real scale. They do this for all of the fields listed above. I will contend that each student does more hands on work experience in our system, than when we built the homes.

We received a grant that allowed us to purchase equipment for civil construction. We own 3 simulators as well as a mini excavator and a backhoe. This coupled with all of the other trades we teach puts our program in a unique position that I believe cannot be matched in the state.

We compete thru an organization called SkillsUSA against other career centers across the state, and the nation. We have local, regional, state and national competition across many disciplines. Our most recent success was forth in the nation in plumbing against 30 other high school student’s form around the country. We are unique because our program competes in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. Most other programs are singular focused in one of those categories. l