Michigan Builder magazine doesn’t have to tell you there is a shortage of students and others entering the field of construction. Why do students pursue careers that are not as profitable or in-demand as those in construction? Many young people either simply do not know they exist, or, if they do, are uncertain how to prepare themselves to be successful in the field. Worse, Michigan high schools currently suffer from a ratio of 729 students for every 1 counselor. That means even when a student wants to learn more about opportunities in

construction, their main resource for guidance is often overburdened and unable to provide up-to-date and accurate information.

MI Bright Future seeks to fill the gap between students and the job market. The State of Michigan recently revised and strengthened legislation that mandates all students complete annual Educational Development Plans to identify and plan for future career goals. MI Bright Future is an enhancement to the technology schools use to complete these plans. Essentially an online communication hub between companies and schools, MI Bright Future is a platform that allows employers to connect directly with students as they make critical decisions about their future. Now as students plan for life after high school, homebuilders and contractors will be able to raise student awareness of the many opportunities in their rewarding industry. To participate, a company simply registers for free at registration, businesses identify their preferred level of engagement. Participating companies can choose to host a company

profile, highlight current job openings, answer students’ career-and company-related questions through online message boards, and market work-based learning activities such as apprenticeships, internships, and guest speaking. By joining MI Bright Future,

homebuilders and contractors have an opportunity to not only guide their future workforce to the jobs and skills they need, but also participate in activities that allow them to identify and test-drive potential job candidates in a safe, no-commitment environment.

Join MI Bright Future today to help build our industry’s next generation. Visit mibrightfuture.organd click Register Your Business to create a company profile. For more information, please email

MI Bright Future is included in the State of Michigan Marshall Plan for Talent and was recommended by the Career Pathways Alliance as a key tool to improve career planning. MI Bright Future is expanding statewide and is currently active in thirteen counties. l