Student Spotlight: Hunter Guyer (Community H. S.) & Corryna Hampton (Skyline H. S.)
Hunter: “Many people would say I got knowledge or teamwork skills. For me, I would say I got a life changing opportunity. My Dad has always pushed on me and my siblings to go to college. I have taken Home building and I have learned about everything I could have asked for. I have committed to Youngstown State University in Ohio and I am going to earn a construction management degree. I have no one to thank but my coaches (Valchine and Grant) and my teammates in the program for pushing me to realize my calling in carpentry and the construction industry.”
Corryna: “I’ve developed better communication skills and improved my leadership/teamwork skills. I have also learned how to do the simplest things when it comes to building a house or home ownership, to the most complex tasks (like calculating stair stringers) that are required to build a home. I have also learned that I have more options for my future than I have ever thought that I did. My favorite part of homebuilding is framing. I love it all building walls, setting I joist, and installing subfloor. It is also the time of the year that our team bonds and we build better relationships.
What have you gotten out of the program so far and what is your favorite skill/trade?