Who is Doing What (and where) to Address Our Industry’s Workforce Needs?

lessons are taught as the students are empowered with leadership roles and ownership of their own decision making and their house project. While this is a difficult process to blend and manage it continues to keep student enthusiasm high and maximize student’s growth.

What your biggest reward?

The biggest reward of having a construction trade program is to help the students find the traction they need to succeed at the next phase of their lives. In our program many of the students realize that they learn in a different way: “hands on”. This accelerates their personal growth and you see their confidence grow quickly. While we focus on individual skills my program teaches Teamwork and Leadership skills to build a well-rounded individual. Many of my fondest memories in education is when alumni of our program return to the building site to work with our current team and encourage them by share their stories of growth, success and failures.

What can HBAs and HBA members do to help you?

Continue to support our programs by providing avenues for our students to enter the work force. Reach out to the building trades teacher in their community and open up their job sites for tours and offer to assist in the local program needs. Join a local programs Advisory board.