Program Challenges, Rewards & Needed Assistance
Mothballing the Sashabaw Historical Presbyterian Church
Working at the Historical Bailey House

Michigan Builder asked this program’s leaders the following three questions:

What is your biggest challenge?

Answer: The biggest challenge of having a construction program is that it’s not just instructing students. We are also managing sometimes multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring every student

has an opportunity to experience a “real life job”, securing transportation to work sites or field trips, collecting materials and always looking for opportunities to promote our program and students.

What is your biggest reward?

Answer: Our biggest reward is seeing the improvement in the student’s skills, the pride they display after a job is done, and the sincere gratitude they have what they have learned.

What can HBAs and HA members do to help you?

Answer: They can help by offering contractors and subcontractors the opportunity to come visit our program—to promote skilled-trades opportunities, discuss what it takes to be successful in the trades, demonstrate technical /safety skills, donate materials/tools, judge our skills competitions and recruit our students as employees.