Student Spotlight: Wade Trout & Sydney Spicer
Wade: “I really liked the framing part of the build this year.” According to his instructor, Wade is one of his top students and has developed strong leadership skills, hands on skills, and other employability skills. “He understands things at a fast pace and can lead other students in a group.”
Sydney: according to her instructor, Sydney really liked installing the shingles on the house this year. She also is a good painter and uses the painting skills that she has learned in the class to work on a paint expo project. Her real life skill development has included learning how to fix drywall, repairing an electrical outlet and switch, as well as how to work with a group and realizing the certain placements that items need to be in, in order to compliment and work with other trades.
What have you gotten out of the program so far and what is your favorite skill/trade so far?