Program Challenges, Rewards & Needed Assistance
MI Builder asked this program’s leader the following questions: What is your biggest challenge?

Wishing that we had more time out at the build site. Sometimes we are on such a roll, it is hard to stop and wait until the next day to keep going. Also another challenge is that it is such a fun class and the students thrive in this class they talk to their friends about the stuff we are doing. Many more students would love to take the class but this fills up fast leaving some students to have to wait until the next year.

What is your biggest reward?

Making sure every student feels that they are contributing to the program. We understand that not every student learns or works the same but strive to make sure every one of my students feels safe and give them to opportunity to learn and contribute at their own pace. I catch myself many times watching a student learn something or watching them get over a fear such as climbing up a ladder or getting up on the roof and helping with the shingles. This class keeps me young. My students work really hard and have accomplished many good things this year so far.

What can HBAs and HBA members do to help you?

When I was talking with our CTE Director (Bill Ferrarra and Steve Pollzzie) and Superintendent (Dr. Julie Everly) we felt that it would be a great idea to start a Trojan Build steering committee. This committee is made up of different people in the construction industry as well as business people and parents. We meet once a month as discuss the progress the home is making. In the meeting we go over making decisions on colors and material being used for the home. As part of this committee I am fortunate to have Bill Kipf (HBA member), Greg Kreps (HBA member) and Mark Kohler (HBA member) sitting on our panel. Bill Kipf has held a HBA meeting at our build site for other HBA members to come at view our hard work. Bill also assisted our school in joining the HBA and I have started to attend these meetings. These meetings have been great for the program and have given me an opportunity to meet other HBA members in our area. This year I attended a meeting at Arlington Brick and meet with Bruce Hopkins. Bruce and Arlington Brick expressed to me the need for more skilled workers and they wanted to help out our program. They were generous enough to donate our stacked stone that will be on the outside of our home as well as