Saginaw Continued
Marek—I have gotten many types of career opportunities and connections into the construction world. Through the program I have learned many soft skills to ensure that I am able to acquire a good job and hold the job. I have also learned the basics on all types of trades and even found one I’m fond of. My favorite trade, as of right now, would be plumbing. I would like to thank my teacher for all opportunities that has been given through this program and through this program I was able to get a job within my first year here.
Ally—Starting this program 2 years ago I did not think I would have enjoyed it, and have been able to learn many of the different skills I have. It has been an amazing experience that I will be able to look back on later in life. I have not only learned the skills to help me out in my career, but I have learned communication and leadership skills to help me for a lifetime. This program has allowed me to make connections with professionals in and outside my choice of study. It has allowed me to find my passion in residential electrical work and continue my education pursuing it. And this is because of the amazing teachings and encouragement of Mr. Allen Thompson.
Student Feedback: What have you gotten out of the program so far and what is your favorite skill/trade?