Is a reasonable, cost-effective code worth two hours of your time?

This November building code officials and inspectors along with fire service personnel and representatives of energy efficiency and sustainability offices will be voting by computer on the final changes to the International Code Council’s (ICC) model 2021 International Residential Code (IRC). Michigan will use the 2021 IRC as its base for the 2021 Michigan Residential Code (MRC).

There are over 1,000 potential voters from Michigan’s building departments who can be eligible to vote in November. Because code officials side with the builders considerably more than they will with manufacturers, energy efficiency groups (typically working on behalf of the manufacturers) and other special interest groups proposing changes to the code, we need to have as many as possible voting on code changes in November.

The key to a reasonable, cost-effective code is getting our proposals in while keeping the proposals from the command and control crowd out. Our opponents are already heavily lobbying for votes particularly from energy efficiency and sustainability offices. We need to maximize the number of votes cast by Michigan code officials. We need you to help with that effort by signing up for NAHB’s “One And Done” program and giving two hours of your time to creating a better code.

You can sign up at Here’s what you’re being asked to do:

Once you sign up you’ll be asked in November to make contact with at least one eligible voter. The NAHB and HBAM will provide you with voter lists.

You’ll give that voter the NAHB voter guide highlighting positions of high-priority code changes and ask them to consider these positions when they vote in November because they are important to the home building industry. You won’t need to argue or defend these positions, only give them a copy of the voter guide.

Once you do that, you’re done!

HBAM has been recognized by the ICC and the NAHB as playing a leadership role in the development of construction codes. Now, with your participation, it’s time for us to lead again.

If you have any questions about this program, please email Lee Schwartz at l