Give Back! continued
Beyond Kalamazoo

“The HBA and our partners hope that in some small way we’re providing a solution to the housing problems mentioned at the beginning of this article. We hope that what we’re doing in Kalamazoo will be transferable to other communities in our Western Michigan territory –and then around the state and country. We don’t have THE solution –but we have A solution that will make a difference to families that are able to remain in the neighborhood with a new home or the neighbors that can leverage increased property values to improve their existing homes. This story is just beginning –and if we included all the details, it would be already be a novel. You are invited to keep up with the story as it unfolds through our website. Want to know more? Contact Jeff Tafel, CEO of the HBA of Western Michigan at’re happy to share our experience and hopefully inspire other HBAs to look for opportunities that align with our missions.”—Jeff Tafel, EO

Midland (HBA of Midland County): Each year the HBA of Midland County holds a major fund-raiser for the skilled trades. Dollars are used for scholarships and supporting the trades in nearby schools. The event has grown and grown and each year students/scholarship recipients come back to share their stories. This year the event raised more than $8,000. In addition to scholarships, this year the HBA was able to purchase tool belts, tools and hard hats to each student enrolled in the building trades classes at Midland and Bullock Creek High Schools. “DeWitt Lumber helped with the tool belts and tools,” noted EO Jodi Sasse. “And Three Rivers has worked with the HBA for several years now allowing us to order the hard hats at their cost, so this is truly a community effort and it was super fun to watch the students –it was like early Christmas for them!” l