Workforce Development Starts in Elementary School (and with parents)

Billy the Builder Bear made a special guest appearance at the recent HBA of Michigan Fall Convention on Mackinac Island last week. His goal? To raise enough funds (his goal is $30,000) to reach 20,000 students grades K-3 during March is Reading Month taking place in 2020. While he has started raising the funds needed, he still has a way to go. Final payment is due December 1, 2019 to get the books ready for distribution in February.

Billy is asking you make a generous donation ($500.00 will get you a signed copy of the book and an adorable plush Billy the Builder Bear) to get the books into the hands of students, and build awareness of the opportunities in residential construction. Not only does this build awareness of opportunities in the industry, we hope it starts building the pipeline of students who want to take a construction trades program while they are in either junior high or high school.

You can help Billy reach his goal by filling out the form below. Help Billy reach 20,000 students today!

Make sure you follow Billy the Builder Bear on Facebook, you never know where he will show up.